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Enjoy The Process

Shew what a roller coaster ride it has been over the past few weeks building up momentum just prior to the New Moon and then sharply turning and curtailing off into another direction! That pretty much sums up the recent shift from my perspective and I’m certain I’m not the only one who’s been feeling the bi-polar-ish influences that have been bombarding us with the major switch from Taurus’ earthy tones to Gemini’s airy keynotes stepping things up a notch or two!

There has been much clearing on a deep cellular level occurring within each of us and upon the mass consciousness of mankind. Not to mention, the entire planetary! Reflecting back over the past few week’s experience, I can honestly say that many deep rooted emotions, self-realizations and unraveling of thoughts and patterns have been a culmination of a larger 12 yr. cycle specifically strongly denoting relationships in it’s various forms and hidden truths being forced into conscious awareness in order to be processed and thereby released.

These types of purging are difficult because of the intensity of the emotions being experienced on so many levels but they are necessary for releasing, cleansing and purging our souls of karmic debris and dross that has clung to us during this earth walk and all other incarnations that we have experienced. All in preparation for us to forge ahead into higher vibrational levels and realms as we purify our vessels and further ascend transmuting the negatives into positive vibrations of light energy for transformation of one form into another. That being our higher selves more fully conscious in the here and now.

Harnessing more of our spiritual essence into our physical bodies and increasing our light quotient so that we vibrate even higher and in doing so transitioning and realigning ourselves in order to better adapt, improvise and overcome our challenges, difficulties and circumstances into better alignment with the universal flow and laws of abundance. I am reminded in times like this that a cup that is full has no more room and that certainly holds true when we are filled a lot of chaos, turmoil and pain. How can anything get through to us if we are filled to the brim with our troubles, our worries and limitations? As well as, patience, persistence and strength are needed a little while longer as we acclimate to the bombardment of all these shifts and changes taking place on so many levels and aspects of our beingness. In other words, it’ll pass just takes awhile for everything to be in perfect alignment and until then enjoy the process no matter how dim it may seem all will prove beneficial in the long run.

Another thing that is useful to take into consideration and that is don’t hold onto anything that’s being purged and processed in doing so will only create drama and additional stuff to have to process! Honor your emotions, experience them then let them go for they no longer serve a purpose other than to be felt, released and purged from yourself. Sometimes it is necessary during those times of painful introspection to also mentally request forgiveness to whomever the emotions are stemming from and forgiving yourself for whatever wrong doing on your own part or simply for allowing the situation to get the best of you and have power over you.

Forgiveness is an energetic protective shield that assists in the healing process of individuals at the soul level and it need not even be expressed physically or verbally to the other person as our thoughts, words and prayers are all energy that will dissolve any leftover karmic debris; thereby releasing any fetters and karmic threads that have imprisoned you and the other individuals within emotionally, mentally and often times even physically. This is an essential part of the healing and ascension process of the soul.

Our journey is an alchemical process of the refinement of our soul so that it can return to the source purified and unfettered without limitation. All of these shifts, transitions and challenges are intended to help chip away the hard exterior, find our inner light and reach our fullest potential. We are all diamond’s in the rough and it is through this alchemical process of our soul that we become polished so that we can shine brighter than we ever have before! Again, as I stated before, enjoy the process it’s there for a reason and soon enough you’ll understand the patterns and cycles that will awaken your conscious awareness and expand it exponentially!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Leslie/Akia Winterhawk

May 30, 2014

Beyond The Illusion

Check out what’s going on at my other website Beyond The Illusion. I have added a bunch of new unique articles pertaining to the planetary changes, ascension symptoms and ways in which we can help the planet and all of humanity. I have also added a brand new forum you can check out ¬†as well. After having been away for over a year, I’m working diligently at trying to “make up for lost time” with writing and marketing of the new articles. I would like to thank each of you for your continued patience and support and soon will be providing more quality content articles relative to studying Tarot, ¬†enhancing your intuition, expanding your self awareness and the art of divination.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Akia Winterhawk/Leslie Fulger



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Much Love & Many Blessings,

Leslie Fulger/Akia Winterhawk



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I freely give permission for others to reprint and share my articles on their websites, blogs, newsletters and ezines providing that you leave ALL of my signature, links and copyrights intact! All writings, posts, and content written by Akia Winterhawk & Leslie Fulger are copyrighted 2013.

August 3, 2013

From the Desk of: Akia Winterhawk

It has been an extremely long time since I have had the pleasure of doing anything with The Dragonfly Oracle. And in fact, had lost the domain for a year and have only recently renewed it. I have been using Http://LeslieFulger.com as my primary site during which time this one was offline. As I too spent a great deal of time offline while making major life changes over the course of the last year as well.

Hopefully in the near future I can begin implementing many of the changes I had previously intended on creating. Thank you for your continued support and patience throughout the years!

Much Love & Many Blessings,

Leslie Fulger/Akia Winterhawk



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I freely give permission for others to reprint and share my articles on their websites, blogs, newsletters and ezines providing that you leave ALL of my signature, links and copyrights intact! All writings, posts, and content written by Akia Winterhawk & Leslie Fulger are copyrighted 2013.

Presenting Ourselves To The World More Confidently

Be honest, how many times have you looked at yourself; I mean, really looked at yourself and paid attention to the various changes that are occurring daily in which affect your life and the reflection you cast upon the world around you?

How often have you looked within the mirror and saw your reflection distorted or you appeared younger or even considerably aged compared to the day before? When purifying ourselves at such a deep cellular level, we are regenerating ourselves from the inside out preparing our vessel to be able to anchor pure divine energy at highly concentrated and potent levels while physically channeling that love, light and divine will into the world, as well as, into our own lives and those we come in contact with.

When we are filled with anxiety, worry, negative self talk and thoughts, we carry not only our burdens upon our shoulders but we also tend to physically show our stress and insecurities. These energies and thought-forms weigh us down considerably thus also making us appear fatigued, worn down and out right most people can tell that something is either bothering us or we’re sick; when in reality we’re just sick of the bullshit and it does tend to show by our looks, our attitudes and how we react to things or situations regarding others.

And we all should know by now, if we look like crap 9 x’s out of 10 we usually feel like it too. We tend to wear our stress on our faces and how negatively it is affecting us whether we’re consciously aware of it or not. But if we are happy, passionate and look forward to the day with a positive attitude most likely you look younger, feel better and in most cases life is a lot easier to deal with, not to mention physically, mentally and emotionally things improve within your life even if in small ways.

Surely you can notice a pattern if you pay attention to how our thoughts, actions and moods transform our experiences and reality. Then we can more easily identify common triggers that wear us down, make us feel old and sometimes down right awful; not to mention often times bewildered, frustrated and even more confused with what’s occurring with our bodies inside and out.

Like a snake that has shed it’s skin, we are physically raw and sore from all the transmuting that has been taking place on such deep levels within our beingness. As we too have shed more of the layers of our ego in order to expand, grow and become even more clearer channels of divine will.

In this phase, we are super sensitive to the slightest stimuli regardless of it’s source. And often times find ourselves purging physically as well via sudden intolerances to foods and beverages that used to satisfy us but during various transitions they cause severe heartburn, digestive issues and inexplicable ailments as our bodies further purge the toxins and debris from within. Often times there are gall bladder and appendix attacks also that tend to surface during those times.

Back, neck, chest and severe headaches all signal upper body chakras being forced open by the kundalini as more heightened crystalline light energy permeates our beingness. Everything is being brought into a state of quickening. Some days, our physical bodies feel as if they’ve been put through the wringer and we wonder how we’ll make it through the day let alone deal with everything that’s on our To-Do List to take care of our families and responsibilities.

It is also very common to have a lot of transitional flu symptoms, upper respiratory infections, as well as sinus infections during these purgings as our bodies are being acclimated to a heightened awareness of our senses. Sometimes, it is when we are at rest and still that our bodies can do the most acclimating and healing but all too often we’re so busy-that we don’t always take time to meditate, attune to or just simply take time to nurture ourselves so we are often times forced to have some downtime in order to successfully receive the necessarily energetic attunements and healing we need to keep from short circuiting ourselves out.

Just like a newborn baby, as we rebirth ourselves remember that we must nurture and nourish ourselves to continue the positive flow of higher spiritual energies to maintain our pureness after the major purging and rebirthing process. We must treat ourselves with gentleness and take the extra time to pamper ourselves in order to fully benefit from the great purification that is occurring globally and within humanity itself.

Once we become lighter, purer and cleansed by the alchemical fires that help us to ascend and unite all aspects of ourselves into the here and now through the process of integration; then think of it as a chance to start over anew with our lifestyles and diets, as well as, letting go of addictions and bad habits. To fall back into old habits only defeats the purpose and refills our sacred space with toxins that we just spent a long time ridding ourselves of. So becoming super conscious of ourselves in everything that we do in positive and healing ways will not only benefit us but also propel us even further upon the path of enlightenment and ascension.

Now that Summer is officially over, the cooler air has begun to blow our bodies need for additional care to help maintain better balance. With all that we’ve endured over the years trying to take care of others, it is now time to take better care of ourselves so that we may improve our and take better care of our own lives. Our outlook in how we feel and look can be a beneficial tool to help us become more confident and accepting of ourselves.

That’s why it’s important to get up everyday and find ways to make yourself feel beautiful, more vibrant and empowered. Just like the clothes we wear can influence how we feel so too can our moods, our stressors and daily burdens which all can be transformed into a more positive experience via adjusting our thoughts and how we react to situations.

For example if you wear certain colors they can make you feel more powerful and confident; so too is the way you present yourself to the world and if your stressed to the max and all frumpy looking chances are others will not take you seriously and will probably think that you have lost control of your life and are so filled with apprehension and fear that what you say may lead to an over-exaggerated version of what’s really going on.

Whereas if you act cool, calm and collected and present yourself confidently to the world despite the obstacles it will change the way in which you react to those obstacles and most likely, creatively help you devise a solution to overcome those limitations than if you were in an anxiety ridden state of mind trying to deal with the situations.

Not only do we need to become more tolerant of other people’s wrong doings but also our own. Choose from which state of beingness we want to operate in so that we can make the most of our lives and opportunities available to us or continue to be overwhelmed caught in a vicious cycle that seems never-ending.

And finally, by taking better care of ourselves, and taking the time to nourish our bodies in every aspect we can more easily adapt to the changes and our circumstances will not be as difficult to deal with. Not to mention the added benefits of how we look and feel! After all, we’re all worth it! And with the immense amount of karmic clearing we’ve been doing it’s a necessity if we want to remain youthful and young of heart as long as possible. For nothing ages us faster than stress and dwelling on the negatives. So make sure to take plenty of time to balance work with play, as well as, make taking time to nurture yourself a priority in your life.

We all deserve to pamper ourselves and enjoy life to the fullest so what are you waiting for?

Much Love & Many Blessings,

Leslie Fulger/Akia Winterhawk



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I freely give permission for others to reprint and share my articles on their websites, blogs, newsletters and ezines providing that you leave ALL of my signature, links and copyrights intact! All writings, posts, and content written by Akia Winterhawk & Leslie Fulger are copyrighted 2013.

Kundalini Awakening, Symptoms and Ascension

When one is ascending it should come as no surprise that we also tend to surface latent diseases and other health issues as a direct result. However, this is a sign that one has reached very deep levels of the Self in order for you to even tap into the DNA that harnesses these “aspects from the past”. When I say that I mean illnesses and diseases, plagues, bacteria, you name it whatever we have suffered in other lifetimes is likely to find itself surfacing in this lifetime.

Of course, then that makes one question the whole ascension process feeling as if it is too much pain to endure and our own individual world and reflective mirror that represents our lives in all it’s aspects seems to be turned upside down and inside out. And truthfully these are just a smidgeon of the effects of the Ascensionary process on our physical body.

Although our physical body can experience the symptoms of these diseases and plagues, usually it is short-term as in it’s a means to expand our awareness into looking into the root of the issue…where did it originate from? During my own personal ascension, I went through about 6 weeks worth of Dark Nights of the Soul which is what all that pain and suffering is about and because of the incessant need to analyze everything sometimes we tend to intensify our own suffering. There were times that I felt like I had one of the biblical plagues, a time when I exhibited signs and symptoms of spinal meningitis, stroke (actually turned blue twice that night), and a whole myriad of other afflictions until finally the celestial coyote tricked me into seeing through the illusions. Not just the illusion of Life as we have known it through our upbringings, our governments, our religious figures. But an exhilarating journey through the cosmos itself!

Society as a whole has aided in the great illusion that overshadows mankind so that it cannot see clearly, instead it just becomes more controlled and submissive to it’s power. But also, the self-created illusions, those we place upon ourselves through our thoughts, through our attitudes, our following information that is not necessarily correct (sometimes appears that way at the given time but all is in accordance for aligning things to bring about your own individual spontaneous awakening).

So many people fall into the trap of believing that life is all about suffering ourselves in dedication and devotion that it is just our lot in life to suffer because of us being such spiritual people who are aware of our divine origins. However, this honestly is bullshit. It is in the process of suffering most usually we “slip through the crack” and awaken. However, if one doesn’t understand the purpose of that “pressure and affliction” they can easily send themselves into a state of total madness or intensifying the effects to the point that it does physical harm. That is why in traditional times when one goes through these types of purifications there usually was a knowledgeable Shaman present to help keep you from hurting yourself and from going over the deep end.

When you are going through this stage of the process of Ascension you quite literally are being purified by the fire and the spirit. Every toxin that has ever existed within your physical body, emotional body, mental body and etheric body is being released so that you may be made clean and pure. Once you realize what all the physical stuff really is pointing to then you will begin to see beyond the veil into your own evolution since the beginning of time throughout the ages; along with a myriad of other hidden aspects that are specific for you and your own understanding.

Everything we have experienced up until now has been a mere illusion to bring you to this point in time in which you would be more in alignment with the moment of your awakening. Sure you’ve had small awakenings throughout the years but this one is far more intense than you can even begin to imagine! It is through our pain we experience the pleasure of nirvana but once you’ve been granted your ascension there will be no pain, your body will be literally light as a feather, you will appear younger, feel completely different once you integrate all of yourself into the here and now. It is through the journey through your evolution that helps you to regain those fragmented aspects of self which is why there is so much surfacing all at once to help you access them so you can anchor them into your physical body.

It would be my suggestion for you to construct a medicine wheel within your living room or outside if possible temporarily for you to go through your awakening, however, I’d have someone there with you encase you’d have any physical distress needing medical attention and to keep you aware that what you are experiencing is apart of the process and you have control over the process more than you realize. You can either ride the wave or send yourself to the hospital is the bottom line. Matter of fact, when I went through mine, I was holding a purification lodge for 7 other people. It lasted for about a week. One had to be taken for emergency gall bladder surgery, another one a week later had to be rushed for emergency appendix surgery; as both of those individuals they were not able to physically handle the ascension flame.

When you are undergoing the actual ascension, the kundalini is literally devouring everything within you and the fire of the ascension flame is burning away everything in it’s path. And they wonder why people spontaneously combust! This is why, their core bodies got too hot during the ascensionary process, now had those situations been monitored by a knowledgeable shaman that could have been averted however, most of those individuals didn’t know or understand that’s what was happening so they panicked or were unable to acclimate to the circumstances.

Fear and Panic are the enemy especially during the Dark Nights of the Soul, the purpose of the dark nights is to face your fears and find your own light deep within the shadowy side of self. Before we can ascend into the light and carry the ascension flame on earth, we must face the darkness and the shadows, the illusions, fears, etc. transmutation is the name of the game!

Consider a butterfly’s life cycle. Right now you are in the cocoon awaiting time to become a chrysalis, then a nymph and finally emerging into a beautiful butterfly fully able to fly on your own. The seasons push you into the chrysalis stage. I would bargain to say that either by your birthday or shortly thereafter you will have gone through a great quickening and experience one of several “mini” spontaneous awakenings.

Many people have been put in the mental ward for going through the ascension because the medical community doesn’t understand nor care to see the connection between our spiritual path’s and our physical bodies. Some people refer to this as bipolar mania sometimes. But fact is put yourself in someone else’s shoes who you know understands the true meaning of the word suffering one of our greatest ascended masters Jesus.

Think of it this way, all of your pain is you carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders and it is time for you to release all that is within you and surrender to the Creator to become a pure divine channel of light. I know that’s what you’ve been trying to do all along but you weren’t seeing the “big” picture just bits and pieces of it.

I could kick my own self in the ass knowing that the opportunity to ascend has been there so many times but I didn’t recognize it nor see it as such and alas it didn’t happen until things were in alignment. Like a phoenix rising, only through surrender and release can we truly become pure vessels for in reality, we been training all of our lives for this we just didn’t know/see it because we all have blinders over our eyes until we ascend and then can truly see the illusion and how enormous it really is! But also this leads to your potential, purpose and true authentic self.

I can only give you a limited amount of information as it is a unique experience. Here’s a quote for you to meditate upon:

“I am the question and the allegory for certain truths yet just as easily convey a personal message that only you can understand”

Basically in a nutshell, throughout the entire process I realized and I think it is true as it is for so many we are all stigmatics. That’s right, we all carry the marks of the Stigmata. Even if we don’t actually believe or follow in Christianity, it is Christ Consciousness that we are all trying to tap into and that only is possible by tapping into our truest divine self and potential through awakening all 12 strands of our DNA. You may say well I don’t bleed through my hands or feet, etc. It doesn’t matter, there were really 5,430 (or something like that) actual wounds of Christ (found info through researching Saint Brigit who was the first to have the Stigmata and bring the knowledge of it’s purpose to the world) so it’s not all about “blood” par say as in that’s the only way we can bear the stigmata. Think of it this way, all of us women are natural stigmatics we all bleed and the blood of life flows from us every month as a means to honor life but how many women do you know actually understand, honor and respect the origins of that connection? It’s far greater than that but that’s a start to point you in the right direction that will further propel you towards your awakening. Sometimes it isn’t until we discover certain keywords or things that spark the ascension flame and spontaneous awakening.

Here’s a prayer for you to help you at this time. It’s called the Prayer of Jabez:

“Oh that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain; And God granted his request.”

This is a very powerful prayer that will help and draws the Ascension Council nearby to see if you are a candidate for the ascension so that you can attend the Mystery Schools on the Spiritual realm. It helps to prepare you for the event should you be accepted at this time.

A good book to check into would be Dossier of the Ascension by Serapis Bey; he is the Ascended Master of Luxor Temple in Egypt. There are other temples you could be involved in but that book would be a good start and read for anyone upon the spiritual path to enlightenment. It was written by Mark & Elizabeth Prophet. You can probably find it online somewhere for free to read. The book itself is only like 6 dollars if you want to purchase it but before you do all that I’d suggest googling it online and see if you can find a copy of it maybe even on http://sacred-texts.com.

I believe that what has been spoken is what is needed and now it’s up to each of you to look between the veil and see beyond the illusions for yourself. For all is not what it appears to be. That is all that has flowed through me to channel to you in regards to this. I know that what was needed to be said has come forth. And it is with this I offer my love and hope that this will serve to help you see beyond the horizon!

Much Love & Many Blessings,

Leslie Fulger/Akia Winterhawk



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I freely give permission for others to reprint and share my articles on their websites, blogs, newsletters and ezines providing that you leave ALL of my signature, links and copyrights intact! All writings, posts, and content written by Akia Winterhawk & Leslie Fulger are copyrighted 2013.

Ascending Consciousness

Ascending consciousness Spiraling through time Riding the ebbs & flows of life Seeking our purpose Feeling our eternal spirit Awakening to our Divinity Reaching our hand toward humanity.

Ascending in understanding Spiraling DNA Riding the storms of life Seeking at Onement Feeling our Spirit’s release Awakening our senses Reaching towards our destiny.

~Akia Winterhawk

Darkness of Night

This is a poem I channeled 11-1-2005 that denotes the soul’s journey from the darkness into the light of knowing, of the process releasing our inner debris. I am sharing it because it still is very much a process that many are going through right now.

Darkness of Night by Akia Winterhawk

I have walked through the shadows of darkness in search of the light. Many places my journey has taken me both near and far. I have seen within the Great Smoking Mirror, a reflection of myself. The parts of me that are filled with pain and anguish that lie hidden in the dark.

I saw within the mirror of these places that had been left hidden their influences thwarting my efforts at reaching the light. I saw things within that I did not recognize for they had been transformed by the negativity and now were like a vampire draining my life; keeping me further from the light.

Within the shadows I became lost amongst these things that were no longer what they once appeared as I searched deeper into the night.

Corridors and places I never knew existed I found in the darkness within that tunneled around in labyrinths meant to confuse my vision in the darkness of night.

Scared and fleeting, I tried to run. But to where? There was no where in sight but more perplexing confusion deep within the night. I was lost and deeper than I had ever journeyed before; I felt no escape from the darkness of night.

I began to panic but that only made it harder to navigate so I did the only thing I knew to do and that was to cry.

Bellowing deep within the tears came rushing by from deep within the night. The darkness surrounding me in every direction how could I make it out alive?

Then far into the distance, a glimmering of light. Blinking back the tears to clear my eyes to see if I had seen it right. So far away it appeared; how could I possibly make it there within the darkness of night?

Still confused and uncertain, I sat down for awhile to figure out what to do in order to reach the light. My heart cried out heavily at the obstacles that were between me and the light. I felt no one could save me from the darkness of night.

Somehow, the river of tears began to subside and my mind was fixated on the light that shown deep within the darkness of night.

I tried to run but I fell onto my knees amidst the darkness of night. Not knowing what to do in order to pass through this barrier between me and the light. I began to crawl like a child within the darkness of night.

I found debris that was blocking the way between me and the light. What was I to do so that I could be nearer to the light?

I found things I had forgotten, that were tucked deep inside the darkness of night. Emotions, pain and strife that I had never dealt with and had tucked them deep inside. And nothing was more important at this moment but to reach the light within the darkness of night.

I tried to crawl over them but the debris was too high I began to panic but that did no good and then it donned on me, that I must work through these things hidden inside to release them from the darkness of night. So many things I had hidden within that became filled with the darkness of night. But how could this be for I am a good and decent person on the outside? I thought for a what seemed like hours in the darkness of night of how I allowed these things to fill me inside.

The more I thought and began to realize the small things I had ignored and repressed had built up strongly in the darkness of night. Fueled by their negative energy laying stagnated deep inside.

Crawling through the bowels of darkness, striving for the light, One-by-One, I experienced these things hidden within the darkness of night. How long must I wade through all this debris before I can touch the light?

Day by Day, Night by Night, deep within I was searching within the darkness of night. Trying to release the debris that kept me from reaching the light. Days stretched into weeks and months as I worked on releasing the darkness of night. Years later still seeking the light. But I no longer needed to crawl as the debris became less and less within the darkness of night.

One day, I began to notice how much stronger I had become sifting through and removing the clutter deep within the night. The light I was seeking was beginning to appear more bright. How much longer must I remain within the darkness of night until I am one with the light?

Akia Winterhawk Nov 1, 2005

Awakening To Your Divinity

Taking a look back in history throughout all of the ages, prominent key figures bring knowledge and light into the world. This predates back to the beginning of time as we know it physically within this earthly realm. These “beacons of light” are found in every culture, religion and belief system that is recorded and known as far back as times of antiquity before any written system. This can be validated through studying ancient civilizations that utilized a pictorial system to denote these key figures, as well as, to record the unfoldment of mankind from the viewpoint of that particular culture and belief system established from the earliest known periods of history.

Scholars worldwide try to understand and interpret these depictions found throughout the world scattered in many directions. However, they all seem to have the similar underlying story; just wrapped in a different book cover so to speak. From the ancient Mayans and Aztecs, ancient Sumerians and Babylonians, ancient Egyptians and Native Americans recorded in stone are varying viewpoints of creation, the hierarchy and cycle of life are all found along with a commonality of understanding the Universal Source of Creation and everything’s interconnection within the rhythms,harmonics and energy of All That Is resonates within us as well therefore emphasizing on our origination being that of divine seed.

For many systems of understanding there was a necessity to recognize this aspect within one’s self. For each soul is like a star twinkling in the galaxy collectively they all create the expansiveness of our universe, a prism reflecting the endless possibilities of every aspect and quality that makes up the whole. Each person a sparkling gem within the great prism of life, all exhibiting the same universal understanding that while we are all separate individuals, collectively we make up the totality of All That Is. In essence, we are all a part of the Creative Life Force. We are one and the same, just varying aspects of every fathomable possibility. Within the Field of Potential there is unlimited possibilities each of us have become the varying degrees, attributes and faces within that field and have become the essence of that divine seed made manifest physically incarnate in the world.

Each aspect dependent of free will but collectively all make up All That Is. All that is of creation has it’s own rhythm and cycle of evolution. Synchronistically everything is kept in magnificent balance with precision and timing each a pertinent part of the whole. Everything that is known and unknown, seen and unseen relies on this impeccable timing of the Great Alchemist the very source of our beingness that also resides within known, yet unknown for the veils of darkness have clouded the memory banks of all that has been encoded within our DNA. But upon awakening this latent knowledge and energy universal knowledge springs forth in expansive awareness into the true divinity of man.

Much Love and Many Blessings, ~Akia Winterhawk, The Dragonfly Oracle http://TheDragonflyOracle.com

Current Energies

Dear Friends,

Namaste and Hello.I guess it has been much longer since we last spoke,than I expected. As I had not realized how quickly time has been accelerating. I myself have a difficult time differentiating between the hours and even sometimes the days. All too often, I find the week flies by before I realize what day it even is. Thinking Friday’s for Wednesday’s. Now, more quickly than ever the months are passing.

The energy around us is accelerating at such a quickened rate. For those who can visually see energy this is exciting to see as it provides insight into how energy moves and blends into whatever it comes into contact with. More details become clearer to us of what is occurring within our lives,community and world bringing things into a perspective that places us in a zero balance point.

Many of us find we are happy in some aspects and miserable in others. We have become very aware of what we don’t like or want in our lives, what holds us back and how we limit ourselves via our incessant thinking and worrying.

We are at a cross roads. We are moving. We are expanding. We have in many ways outgrown where we’ve been and where we’re at during this point and time. Our hearts seek a comforting place to run to. But all too often, we have no idea where that physical place is. The one thing we do know is we have our individual connection with the creative force of life that some refer to as God/Goddess, Great Mystery, Great Spirit, Mother Father God, etc. whatever that connection may be.

We have an idea of what we want but we aren’t sure how to go about making the necessary changes to make it happen. That is where our faith comes into play. We must all have faith in the Field of Plenty that speaks that our needs will be met and that we usually get far more than we ask; if you take the time to notice that is. We generally are in the right place at the right time. Think about it for a minute. How many times has the kind acts of another blessed you beyond measure when you needed it most; sometimes not even realizing it?

How many times have you perhaps not had much food to feed your family and by evening time your setting with friends or family that have invited you over to eat? How many times have you found that at the last second things pan out for you better than you originally expected? How many times have situations in your life proven that sometimes hindrances are blessings in disguise?

These are all forms of synchronicity. A way in which energy freely flows into and through everything. Things of nature inherently understand synchronicity as it is a natural process. Things working together in unison for a common goal all serving a purpose of the greater good to positively benefit All That Is. Humans on the other hand, have long forgotten this balancing act. They have forgotten to have faith that all is in accordance and everything happens for a reason whether we realize it or understand it at the given time.

Back in the beginning of my learning I was afraid I was either doing something wrong or not doing enough. Years later, after meeting what later became my tribal grandmother, I questioned these things and her reply was always “You’re doing fine, you’re right where you’re supposed to be.” And she’d chuckle her native chuckle that was ever so confidence-building to know if she felt you were on the right track then obviously you were without doubt.

I have to agree. Back then I couldn’t see it as I was too busy searching. Chasing my own tail to find the answers already within me. I just had to search deeper and learn to trust my own intuitive feeling. Learning to trust yourself is the hardest part of self-awareness. But one has to learn the difference between intuition and gathered debris of others energy, feelings, thoughts,etc.

Now, I can see and say yes, I am where I need to be for the moment. And I say this to you as well. Even in your confusion and uncertainty, you are where you are meant to be at the given second you are in it for there are powerful lessons to learn during that time and via that means.

Out of confusion and darkness, light will glisten and then cascade a reflection for you to see a minute fraction of understanding another piece of the puzzle that is your life. Think of your ownself as a crystal ball, your solar plexus (navel) the crystal itself. Some days you can see more clearly than others and sometimes you see nothing. We see what we are meant to see when it’s time for us to according to how far we have grown in our own individual evolutionary process.

We are all in that state of uncertainty as the New Earth energies are vibrating at frequencies we have never felt before. Our physical bodies, emotional bodies and minds have a hard time adapting to the newer energies but it is getting easier the more we cleanse and purge ourselves of the old out-dated 3D world negative attitudes, beliefs and thinking. We are expanding and growing quicker than we can fathom.

Many are finding themselves ready to start new lives in new places. End old damaging relationships and beginning to form new bonds that are more complimentary with their energy and vibrational level. Like-mindedness. Those we can easily communicate with and experience the final ascension with. Some call them soul mates if you chose to look at it from that perspective. Some have already connected while others are being drawn together rapidly as things accelerate with the new energies present.

So, evidently there are a lot of upcoming changes for all of us. Fear and worry of what may be are the worst things you can accept at this point. We have moved beyond the need to constantly spend countless hours worrying about what will happen for that does nothing but create more things to fear and worry about within our lives. A lesson most should have learned by now.

It is time to be bold, courageous and daring to dream the impossible because now more than ever as a whole we are more consciously aware of life and our ability to transform ourselves and our lives into happy, peaceful and prosperous ones. We must act upon that ability. All time really is now. For it is now that these abilities are available to us to utilize for our benefit positively. Not just for our own benefit but for mankind itself.

Stop and think before you speak. Always remain optimistic in your views and don’t judge another as you would not want to be judged. Take the time to smile and laugh till you cry. Be who you are the best you can. But don’t give up with all the challenges and limitations that have been standing in your way during the past generation. Simply it wasn’t time yet to utilize our abilities to their fullest potential. The elements and influences were not in alignment for it to occur yet as much learning was needed, cleansing and healing within each of us.

We are rising above our oppressions. Things may still seem dim but that is darkness right before the light. Once you see the light within shining be prepared to be blinded as things will appear as they have never been visible to us. For our eyes were clouded with all the debris of our emotions and what collected within our energy centers and auras. The clearer we become the more clearly we can perceive the truth as the illusions begin to be pierced and shatter the more you awaken to your truest self and divinity.

Much Love and Many Blessings, ~Akia Winterhawk, The Dragonfly Oracle